The Filipino community is one of the fastest growing communities in Winnipeg. Filipinos are friendly and outgoing people who love gatherings, social events and fundamentally just want to be together. This compassion extends to sports, such as basketball and volleyball. Volleyball has been growing exponentially in our community for the past few years and we, PSL, want to cater to this calling.

Pinoy Super Liga Inc. (PSL) is a Filipino-organized group whose mission is to implement and expand the world of volleyball in our community. We want to promote the benefits of playing the sport, not only
to the Filipinos, but even to non-Filipinos. We have several plans in play to pursue this goal, including
conducting leagues and tournaments. We are also very excited to start implementing volleyball clinics
for all ages to in still the origins and basics of playing volleyball.

The name “Pinoy Super Liga” was derived from Philippine Super Liga, which was the first semi- professional corporate club volleyball league in the Philippines. The term “Pinoy” is the Tagalog term for Filipinos who are native to the Philippines. PSL Inc. is comprised of Filipino staffs who are volleyball enthusiasts, and all have found profound friendship and camaraderie through volleyball. Hence, the organization PSL was born.

To celebrate the birth of PSL, we launched a two-day volleyball tournament over the 2017 Labour Day long weekend. Teams from all over Canada, such as Edmonton, Saskatoon, Calgary and Regina, competed in an intense, high-skilled environment.We had a total of eight men’s teams and six women’s teams. Each of the teams proudly represented their city, showcased exceptional skills and created lastingfriendships. The tournament concluded with Winnipeg taking home the gold for the women’s division, and a mix of friends from Winnipeg and Edmonton taking the gold for the men’s division.

The results of our very first tournament were overwhelming. We received a great deal of positive feedback, as well as a few constructive comments, that helped to improve and better the league’s
mission. We also heard definitive outcry for another event, and we will certainly respond to this fiery
request! With an optimistic view, we have plans to host a winter league and will begin conducting
volleyball clinics.

We are proud of our successes so far and are very motivated to continue our mission – our vision. With continued support from our sponsors, undying volleyball enthusiasts and hardworking staff, we strive to push forward to attain that mission. We hope to grow more as an organization that listens to the needs of the community, responds with great vigor and delivers exceptional results. We are empowered to conduct more events, and are happily inviting all Filipino volleyball enthusiasts to share their talents and showcase their skills to the entire community.We will continue to grow our organization, bring the Filipino community together and spread the love for
the game of volleyball.

PSL – Pinoy Super Liga Winnipeg