By: Ronaldo Navasca

For most of us, next to home ownership, purchasing a new vehicle represents the second largest investment we can make.

The traditional process is familiar, after identifying the need to purchase a new or used car we visit a dealership, pick out a vehicle (or a few) to test drive, after which we feel we found the perfect ride. We are told to provide a significant deposit (to show our commitment) to open negotiations with the dealership manager, that if agreed to purchase we are taken to an office where a finance officer begins the process of getting us approved for a car loan.

Just as familiar to many of us, we engage through this entire process only to be notified that due to whatever circumstances, we must either provide a significantly larger deposit and/or a co-signer, to be approved for a loan. For many yet, approval may be flatly denied. Either with restrictions or with non approval, we immediately feel our hopes were deflated and much of our time spent was wasted.

At R. Navasca Consulting Inc., we feel that your next car purchase should follow the same purchasing principals as home ownership. Pre-approval for a mortgage must first be established before entering the home buyers market. We feel it is just as critical to establish car loan approval before shopping around for the ideal vehicle. With loan approval, we now have the purchasing power to identify the right vehicle that fits into our budget. Selecting a vehicle within our means is made easier and with more confidence, and the experience of engaging in the process toward vehicle ownership is made more rewarding. Less time wasted, and more time reserved to enjoy your new ride.

At R. Navasca Consulting Inc., we have the management skills to guide you, strong partners in the financial industry to either approve your car loan or to minimize the negative impact a difficult credit application may bring. We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to sit in the drivers seats, follow their own roads, and reach their destination in comfort.

Approval, selection, convenience. From your kitchen table to the open road, we want to put you in the drivers seat.

A different way to shop.