Many of us can remember a poor customer experience at some point in our lives. Many of us on more than one occasion. Purchasing a new vehicle for the first time can be both an exciting event and a very stressful experience, that for most of us the memory will forever remain within our thoughts.
My first new car purchase was just that, exciting but filled with memories of having a poor experience. Exciting that I was purchasing my first new car, yet as I remember the experience, still very disappointed mostly in myself for being young and naïve, open to being taken advantage by a sales representative who had many years of experience selling cars. Barely eighteen and largely new to an adult world, a smooth-talking salesperson convinced me I needed the very first vehicle we looked at. Where after a short time, I was so excited that I committed to making monthly payments at an exorbitant rate of 19.5%. I also distinctly remember feeling deflated as I was told by the salesperson that I was $100 short on the $1500 cash deposit I had at the time. To this day, I was convinced I was cheated. No matter the circumstances surrounding my experience, the story is familiar for many, and the result is we either walked away due to the stressful environment a dealership can impact on us, or we end up purchasing a vehicle but eventually regret making that decision after discovering there probably was a better option. My first new car experience was the Education, Convenience and Advocacy. At R.NAVASCA CONSULTING INC., the roads ahead are clear latter, I ended up purchasing a vehicle but almost immediately wish I hadn’t when I realized I was simply taken advantage of.

That poor shopping experience did force me to raise my awareness where I am now wiser in such situations. From hard lessons emerged an opportunity to improve my circumstances. No matter how small or large a purchasing decision I make, I now ask all the important questions and challenge the value I am placing into the service or product I am looking to give my hard-earned money to. The larger the investment, the more vigilant my conduct in understanding the process and value measurement.

If in my youth I had someone knowledgeable to guide me through the process of purchasing my first car, I would have a dramatically different story to share. If this statement sounds familiar, then chances are you or someone you know had a similar experience and you can easily identify the need to have someone advocate on your behalf. It is for this very reason our service was created.

Who are our clients? Anyone who values the idea of having the confidence to make informed decisions, who wants the convenience of a concierge like experience, and appreciates the need to have someone protect their interests.